We are Worldwide Distributors of the strontium aluminate glow in the dark powder & pigment. Our glow powders and glow paints are the brightest on the market! This site is full of glowing project ideas using our mega glow in the dark paints. Instructions on how to make glow in the dark paint,glow nails, glowing concrete,glow in the dark stars,glow lures, glow in the dark gun sights, glow fishing, glow art,glow pigment,luminescent paint,glowing murals and more!

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Luminous Paint Project Scooter


My name is Brian Bruce and I wanted to thank you for your wonderful product. I'm attaching 2 photo's of my Go-ped (gas powered stand up scooter). I used the glow powder on the deck (the part you stand on) to give it a uniqueness like no ther scooter out there. First I painted the deck gloss black (acrilic) then made a stencil of the "mudflap" girl and painted the stencil area white (again acrilic) while the white paint was still wet, I dusted it with the green glow powder. I let that sit for 48 hours then shook off the excess powder. To preserve the look of my new scooter deck I took a 2 part epoxy resin and applied it to the deck which now provides a 1/2" clear coating over the painted surface. Since taking the pictures I've also painted my handlebars white and applied the green glow powder to them as well... Again I just wanted to thank you for an awesome product and I will surely be ordering more in the near future.

GlowPowder kicks ass, Brian