We are Worldwide Distributors of the strontium aluminate glow in the dark powder & pigment. Our glow powders and glow paints are the brightest on the market! This site is full of glowing project ideas using our mega glow in the dark paints. Instructions on how to make glow in the dark paint,glow nails, glowing concrete,glow in the dark stars,glow lures, glow in the dark gun sights, glow fishing, glow art,glow pigment,luminescent paint,glowing murals and more!

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Easy-to-apply phosphorescent luminous paint greatly enhances sights on rifles, shotguns or pistols, especially in low-light situations. Glow pigment is activated by brief exposure to light and can be recharged indefinitely. Meets military specs. Highly water-, weather- and oil-resistant. There's 30 or more applications per 1/2 oz paint or powder.

**Acurate Sight Alignment
**Shoot tighter groups
**Improved sight picture