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Airgun and Luminous Paint



Materials Required:
Violet Glow powder, gessoed canvas,air gun, clear lacquer,
Here's my 9' X 7' portrait of Jimi Hendrix that I recently completed using purple and blue glow powder mixed with water clear lacquer and air-gunned onto gessoed canvas.

The image I painted was projected onto the canvas using a Besseler 1000 watt overhead projector.

It lights up a 30 X 40 foot room. You can actually read by it's glow (which I have taken pleasure in doing)

I used 6 pounds of purple and 2 pounds of blue mixed with 3 gallons of lacquer.

Nasty, awful, death defying affair but the glow powder absolutely loves lacquer. It fizzes when you pour it in the lacquer and mixes with a few twirls of the plastic stick in the glass jar. (glow powder doesn't like metal)