We are Worldwide Distributors of the strontium aluminate glow in the dark powder & pigment. Our glow powders and glow paints are the brightest on the market! This site is full of glowing project ideas using our mega glow in the dark paints. Instructions on how to make glow in the dark paint,glow nails, glowing concrete,glow in the dark stars,glow lures, glow in the dark gun sights, glow fishing, glow art,glow pigment,luminescent paint,glowing murals and more!

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Extreme G12 Invisible Green Glow in the Dark Paint

  • Glow In The Dark Shadow Wall
Submitted by: unknown
Materials Required:
*Premium Glow paint One gallon covers 350 square feet more or less. 
*Dark area or a wall or drape. Something you can apply the paint to. 
*A light source that you can turn on and off. The stronger the light source the more intense the shadow

Paint your wall with the posphorescent paint (white background is best) .
Then a strobe light or any powerful light is used to charge the wall. The light is turned on for a short time while someone is standing between the light and the wall. This causes a temporary shadow to be produced from the person's shadow, which can be repeated as many times as you wish.

Ready Set Glo's Comments:
You can also use or glow adhesive sheets for a "quick" and smaller scale project. Great for school projects and science fairs.

Ready Set Glo's Comments:
If you have done any projects or have ideas that make effective use of glow products ( Luminous paints, Luminous powders, Luminous gels, Luminous stickers or Luminous Master Pellets ), please do not hesitate to write in to us at: projects@readysetglo.com or quite simply click here.

We accept any project or easily implementable ideas that uses glow paints, glow powder, glow gel or Glow Master Pellets
  • Materials Required:
4oz of green glow in the dark paint
½ oz blue glow in the dark paint
½ oz purple glow in the dark paint
½ oz protective sealer
1 roll of blue tape
Permanent marker


First I decided on what flame pattern that I wanted. I measured the hood of the car, where the paint would cover and it was 5’x2’. Next I drew a small patter that was 8”x10” on a piece of paper and projected it using a projector so that it would be 5’x2’. I traced the new design and cut it out. Next I taped that pattern loosely onto the car in order to see where I needed to put the tape on the car. 

Next I traced the pattern onto the tape that I had just put on the car. I then used a razor blade to cut the pattern in the tape. Be careful to not push so had as to cut into the paint on the car. Next I taped up the rest of the car so that no overspray would get where I didn’t want it to. I then put on 3 layers of green paint (3oz). Then I outlined the green in blue paint only on half of the flame. I put on 2 coats (1/2 oz). I then put on the purple paint that covered the top half of the flame (1/2 oz). I used the remaining green paint (1 oz) to blend the blue and purple colors as well as used it for touch up painting. I then removed the tape and overlapped a sealant coat of paint (1/2 oz). That is some of the sealant coat was on the unpainted areas. I did this to insure that the paint was sealed very well. 

This whole project took me 4 days. One day to tape and put on green coat, one day to put on the blue and purple coats, one day to blend the colors and let all of the paint dry, and one day to seal the car. The reason that it took so long is because I painted at night in order to see exactly were the paint was going on. In the day light the car slightly glow a dull green and purple and the blue is transparent.

Ready Set Glo's Comments:
The paint was thick that it was almost impossible to spray with a light weight airbrush. I could spray the paint if I diluted the paint 50% with water, but the glow effect was severely reduced
  • Glow Spoons by Fortune Spoons
These unique night lures-glow spoon lures created by Fortune Spoons are great for Trolling, Casting and Drifting . Made of Tough Adjustable Brass Blade and coated with a variey of glow pigments you are sure to catch "The Big One". 3 1/2" long and 3/8oz., Stainless Steel split rings, 3/0 Stainlees Eagle Claw Siwash Hook , Tough Adjustable Brass Blade AND Ready Set Glo's quality pigments...these are of the highest quality glow tackle!
  • Chuck at CUSTOM GLO makes amazing Glow in the dark tackle like these cranks, as well as jigs, floats, divers, poppers and minnows. They are all coated with 2 part epoxy coat for extra protection. If you dont want to make glo tackle yourself, this is a great place to purchase high quality glow tackle
  • Front Door-Tolkiens Runes!

Submitted by: Cynthia Blair Antonelli  

Materials Required:
White Exterior Latex for base coat
pattern for Runes
Commercial Grade Glow Green paint. 

I enlarged the ''Runes'' pattern from Tolkien's ''Fellowship Of The Ring'' book, illustration of the entrance door to the Mines Of Moria (I chose only part of the inscription that says ''Speak, Friend, and Enter''). I transferred the pattern to the door, painted the base coat in white, and added 3 coats of Commercial Grade Green Glow paint.
Glows beautifully all night long. photos available day and night.
  • Glowing Illusion Artwork

Submitted by: Kirsten Coyllard 

Materials Required:
Ready Set Glo Paint-Variety of colors
Using a blacklight (or work in the dark) Paint your canvas in whatever theme you want . In the daylight...a plain picture..then turn off lights to see the secret images appear!
  • Our G12 next generation glow paint is the brightest on the market....guaranteed! Our green, day invisble has the brighest initial brilliance and longest afterglow of all our colors.
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Product Description

check-mark-small.jpg Initial Brilliance- Highest- Green

check-mark-small.jpg Day Color- Clear- Almost invisible on white or light backgrounds

check-mark-small.jpg  After glow- 12 plus hours

check-mark-small.jpg  Highest Commercial Grade Paint on Market-Guaranteed



READY SET GLO is the World's foremost distributors of GLOW IN THE DARK PAINTS. We offer the highest brilliance available in a glow paint on market...guaranteed! Our NEXT GENERATION long persistence Extreme G12 glow paints are manufactured using the latest in self-emitting light technology that is un-matched by our competitors. They are the perfect combination of liquid resin, diluting agent and suspension agent . The brightness and length of persistence time is ten times than those of conventional phosphor; zinc sulfide found in your local stores.They can be recharged over and over indefinitely.


check-mark-small.jpg Premium Acrylic Polymer Emulsion base 
check-mark-small.jpg Conforms to ASTM D 4236: non-toxic & non-radioactive 
check-mark-small.jpg Versatile- use on most surfaces-wood/metal/plastics/vinyl/drywall/plastics, for example 
check-mark-small.jpg Pigments dispersed evenly throughout...absolutely no settling of glow powder 
check-mark-small.jpg Ready to use- Formulated with highest percentage of powder to yield greatest glow effect 
check-mark-small.jpg Can be sprayed /roller/brushed 
check-mark-small.jpg Easy To Use- brushes easily, dries fast for an outstanding finish 
check-mark-small.jpg Quick Dry-Drying time-30-60min 
check-mark-small.jpg Almost invisible in daylight (exception is red/orange/yellow) 
check-mark-small.jpg Low to no odor 
check-mark-small.jpg Proven Durability-use indoors or out 


This new type of luminous paint is used for many very different technical and artistic purposes due to its characteristics. It can be used in the application of consumer products such as
stationery goods; watches; novelties; and sporting goods. It has good effects in the fields of building; decoration; traffic vehicle; military installations; fire emergency system. It is
especially suitable for the production of long afterglow safety products such as warning; mandatory and escape-route signs. You can view projects submitted to us by clients by clicking
on the "Projects" link. 


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Product Reviews

  1. Used on Bow Sight 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Nov 2013

    Works great! I was having a hard time seeing my Bow sight ring in low light conditions. i put three coats on the ring and it makes it really easy to see!

  2. Artisan A+ 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Mar 2013

    As an artist who has people copycating my work with jewelry the more that I advertise, I wanted to try something new that hopefully would mesh with the materials I already use to set me apart from the rest again - happy to say that this glow paint stands up to the test, even though multiple applications of drastically different chemicals on top of/alongside it! My fellow artists are extremely impressed as well, and I have already referred a few to this site^^

  3. Still Impressed! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Nov 2011

    Been nearly a year since I put it up and still looks fantastic! Very noticeable after you turn the lights off, but when your eyes get used to the darkness they literally glow all night.

  4. I am EXTREMELY impressed with the product. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Feb 2011

    I just received my pint of extreme green acrylic paint in the mail a few hours ago. I just finished my starlight mural on my ceiling and I am EXTREMELY impressed with the product. Granted it doesn't display full glow until every light is off, but this beats the little stick-on stars a million times!!!! If you want, I can take some pictures of it during the night and you can use the pictures however you want

  5. How often is a product BETTER than you imagined?? 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Nov 2010

    I am about to place an order WITHOUT HESITATION. I have used these products in the past and have always been MORE THAN SATISFIED. 7 years ago I painted my bathroom floor and the product is STILL GLOWING!! (I painted the grout lines between tiles so we wouldn't have to turn on the light at night when we pee) I limit myself to the quantity I order because I find it hard to refrain myself from painting everything. I LOVE IT!

  6. The paints supplied by ready set glo are undoubtedly the best paints on the market. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Jul 2010

    My name is James Coates and I own 'Starz Ceilings' - I create cosmic posters and murals and I refuse to use any other paint than Ready Set Glo!

    Use the pots of ready mixed glow paints to create a sky full of stars and then use their invisible glow spray paint to create stencils that appear as objects whizzing through space! Magic!

    Can't wait for the spray to come in even more colours - the sky's the limit!

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